by Peter McNamara

Here are my submissions for the best Zine articles from the archives: I have deliberately only mentioned one article per author. They are in alphabetical order by author.

  • Brandon Clarke: Discovering the Religion of Donism (W1997A)

    A great yarn about the tournament scene in Australia in the late 90s

  • Jamie Dreier: Master Class: The Endgame (F1995M)

    An idiosyncrinatic choice. Not necessarily in the best 5 articles but appeals to my mathematical side to learn about virtual wins in Diplomacy (I'm still to see this concept appear in a real game that I'm playing)

  • Chris Martin: London (S2003M)

    The fleet in London should go to the English Channel. Clearly the highlight of the special 34th edition.

  • Paul Windsor: What's Your Point? (S1999M)

    Really any article by Paul Windsor could go here.

  • John Wooley: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat: The Double Elimination Conundrum (S1995M)

    I wanted to include a Sherlock Holmes article in this list since it's such a vibrant and traditional part of the Zine, so I chose the first one.

An honourable mention to the Bismark Lectures, but since they're reprints, I don't believe it is appropriate to vote for them here.

Peter McNamara

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