by Larry Peery

As Chris Babcock and others have moved to take TDP into the 21st Century I have been conspiring to take it back to the days of the Pre-Golden Age of Diplomacy when how you said something was as important as what you said.

In that spirit I am pleased to introduce you to the first TDP DIPLOMACY LAUREATE, Harold Reynolds. As TDP Diplomacy Laureate joins the ranks of other poet laureates charged with creating memorable works to celebrate memorable occasions. His commission is to celebrate the high and low spots of hobby events as they happen. How he will interpret that is up to him, but I'm sure it will be interesting and entertaining. Otherwise, it's off with his head!

You'll see some examples of his work in this issue and issues of TDP to come.

The limerick is often derided as the lowest form of poetry or pastry. (If you have to ask, you shouldn't be reading this article.). However, Harold is carrying on a tradition that dates back to the earliest days of the hobby. Our first great writer of limericks was Rod Walker in his own 'zine EREHWON and later in Diplomacy World. Now Harold steps in to try to fill Rod's size 5.5 shoes. I'm sure he can do it because I've seen his work.

And now so will you.

I hope you enjoy it in this issue and in future issues.

Diplomacy needs a bit of class, but not too much. Limericks and Harold will give us that.

Larry Peery

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