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The Zine

Winter 2015 Adjustment Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Happy New Year! The Pouch has prepared a lot of fireworks to light up the sky for months to come.
The Editor: The Diplomatic Pouch Christmas Special
A link to the Christmas 2015 Special. Sing, dance, laugh and play.
The Editors: Submission Guidelines for the Diplomatic Pouch Zine
We want you to know how to make it easy for us. But don't worry, we have tons of experience with all kinds of writer quirks.
Chris Babcock: The State of the Art and Science in Diplomacy
An open letter to bring online Diplomacy to the next level and sponsor those capable of bringing about that change.
Larry Peery: Bataclan, Waterloo and the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
A Peerispective on the terror attacks in Paris and elsewhere in France, now and in the past.
Emmanuel du Pontavice: FDC XXXI: A Very Special Tournament
Paris is unusually quiet the day after the attacks. Should the French Diplomacy Tournament be canceled? Non! Under the slogan "Not Afraid" Manu, the defending champion, and the rest forgot for a moment the events outside to make it one of the most memorable Diplomacy events of the decade.
Samuel Anavoisard: FDC XXXI: A Video Blog
A professionally done video on the FDC in French, now with English subtitles. I'd like to see more of these.
Toby Harris: France for Experts
By sheer coincidence our master class focuses on the country in the news. We know now how to find it, but how do you play the country of Marianne and Voltaire? Avec finesse.
Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — Revelation of the Costly Case of the Last Man Standing, Part 2
Sherlock Holmes spars with the equally gifted Baron in LMS luminosity. Who will get the upperhand?
Larry Peery: The Congress of Vienna - Part I
Larry Peery introduces us to the cast of the 1815 Congress of Vienna. Rumor has it he was personally in attendance.
Harold Reynolds: A Holiday Poem
Everyone knows that Austria is a bitch to play. But sometimes it pays off.
Kevin Burt: The Italian Ayatollah
About a cleric who set Italy on fire in the Florence of Machiavelli and the Medici. The first one to exclaim "You're all so vain!" and make it sound evil.
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing — Operation Moscow
Last Man Standing shifts the battle to Russia, while proving that all comes back in circles, even standing armies.
Stephen Agar: The Art to find the Mind's Construction in a Face
We go back in the past to find a reader of minds disclosing his tricks. How's that for a Christmas present?
Sibyl Astromancer: 2016 Astrological Projections for Diplomacy Players
We're consulting the stars to see if the time is right for a stab, and paid some extra to hear about everyone's bright future. Curious for yours?
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

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