• L'Austro-Turque par Vincent Carry


  • Gunboat Diplomacy Stalemate Lines by Seren Kwok
  • The Grand Alliance by Roger Yonkoski


  • Taking your Game to the Next Level by Andrew Goff


  • Negotiating from a position of weakness by Chris Martin (video)
  • Laywer/Diplomat by Paul Windsor

    Opening Theory

  • The Statistician: Supply Centers in 1901 and 1902 by Josh Burton
  • The Sweden Situation by Andrew Goff
  • Greece by Peter McNamara
  • You've Never Used Turkey's Best Opening by BrotherBored

    Scoring Systems

  • Diplomacy Scoring Systems by Peter McNamara


  • The Statistician: Supply Centres in 1901 and 1902 by Josh Burton
  • The Statistician: Solo Victories by Josh Burton

    Tournament Reports

  • The Top Board at WDC 2010 by Peter McNamara
  • Why Italy? (DBNI Champion's report) by Peter McNamara


  • Diplomacywinks by Eric Mead