This will be an Honours reading course in algebraic geometry (varieties over an algebraically closed field). It will run during first semester 2016. Interested students should contact me expressing their desire to participate.

We will meet Tu 1-3pm and Th 2-3pm in 67-442.


Students who want to take the course for credit will need to complete a writing assignment in addition to in class participation. This is a short (7-10 page) exposition of a topic in algebraic geometry.
Students may choose their own topic, but must get approval for their topic from me.
Spome suggested topics:
  • The group law on an elliptic curve [ST]
  • Bezout's theorem
  • 27 lines on a cubic surface [G]
  • The Plucker embedding of the Grassmannian / 2 lines meet four lines in general position in 3-space.

    Weekly Timetable

    Week 1:
    Week 2:
    Week 3: No Thursday meeting (school meeting)
    Week 4: No meeting (PM and MK away)
    Mid Semester Break:
    Week 5: Zariski's Lemma (Marielle), 2.21 and 2.31 (modified via email) of [G]
    Week 6:
    Week 7:
    Week 8:
    Week 9: No Tuesday meeting (due to timetable variation)
    Week 10:
    Week 11:
    Week 12:
    Week 13: Possible exceptional week


    This list will be updated over time:
    [G] Gathmann - Algebraic Geometry. website.
    [M] Milne - Algebraic Geometry. website.
    [ST] Silverman and Tate - Rational Points on Elliptic Curves. (uq, electronic)
    [S] Smith et al. An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry. (uq)

    (uq): available at the UQ library.