Germany's Response to Norway's End Of Game Statement

Broadcast message from umgrimst@CC.UManitoba.CA as Master in vanier:

Congratulations to Norway!

I guess I should say a couple of words. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for playing. I hope you all enjoyed the game and will play/GM on the Manitoba Judge in the future. (OBTW, there is an opening for Austria in "OTTAWA" if any of you are interested. )

Secondly, I hope that my explanation of the SET DRAW command didn't unduly influence anyone. I wasn't sure if the "problem" was genuine or was a ploy, so I took a some what paternal approach. I'm rather glad that the game ended in an outright victory. It seems to be the most appropriate way for Diplomacy to end, IMHO.

Again, thanks for playing and congratulation to Norway.


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