The Diplomacy Academy

by Dan Shoham


The next game to be reviewed is "Vanier". The focus of this study is the endgame where there are three superpowers left. Many players believe that a three-way draw is then the only correct outcome. This end of game statement explores the issue, as always, through the spectacles of hindsight on a completed, actual, game.

"Vanier" was a Loeb9 variant game. Loeb9 is a popular Judge variation which adds some provinces, supply centers, and players to the standard map. As a replacement player, I did not see much of the early game. When I joined, the game was already reduced to three superpowers -- with a few minor powers still busy being exterminated. Norway -- the power I played -- was the smallest of the three. For the purposes of this study, this is ideal since it allows us to distill the issues involved with playing when there are only three powers left from other possible influences that might have come from a game long engagement.


EOG's for the game "vanier"

Dan Shoham

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