Turkey's End Of Game Statement from "vanier"

Broadcast message from Turkey in vanier:


As is customary, an endgame statement.

Had fun. Would have attacked Noraway, had Germany bitten first. Hoped Germany would not cave in against Norway and allow me time to pick up Vienna-Silesia, force my way into a lock-out of the Medditerranean, and creep north against Norway via Russia; this adventure was something I intended to do right from the beginning, but just couldn't spread the forces well enough to do it with any confidence.

So be it.

It was swell.

Turkey was hemmed in by active opposition by Russia, Austria and Italy which was supported at times by German units [but i captured AI and some of R anyways]. Had I been able to break-out of the Ionian/Tyrannean one turn earlier, I would have liked to prevent the capture of Iberia by Norwegian units [didn't and settled for Norwegian expansion]. Having to spend a year chasing a Russian unit in Syria prevented me from occupying Kazakz as a safety precaution against Norway. Ah well, the game could have gone so many ways.

But I did manage to reach my first goal, which was the restoration of Turkish boundaries to that assumed by Mehmed III. expanded them to include Italy. Would have liked to have expanded further.

Had much fun. Think I will do this E-mail thing again.

Big advantage over FTF: much more time to think about strategy and counter strategy. When players adopt and keep to roles, almost (if not more) fun as FTF.

Happy dipping // diploming

"I did not enjoy being your neighbours"

Richard M Porter
forest economics and policy analysis
university of british columbia

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