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Fall 2007 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Our new Editor says a few words…
Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
He's back! Our glorious Founder returns with a puzzling Diplomacy problem that the Great Detective is barely able to solve — can you solve it too?
Doug Moore: Reach for the Top
New World Champion Doug Moore reveals the secret plan he used to win the top board at WDC 2007 — and I only had to torture him a little bit to get it!!!
Rob Stephenson: Rob's Tale
Rob Stephenson tells us about own his adventures at the recent World Diplomacy Championship in Vancouver.
Sebastian Beer: WDC 2008, Part I: What is Austria?
Those of us in North America may have a rather skewed view of Austria, based on The Sound of Music and the Governator. In this article, Sebastian helpfully sets us straight on the country hosting WDC 2008.
Conrad von Metzke: First Games
A Diplomacy legend describes his own introduction to The Game!
Edi Birsan: Stabbing in the Spring or Fall
Timing is everything! Our revered former EDItor makes a few observations regarding Spring stabs vs Fall stabs.
Ian Raynes: Abandonments: The Blight on the PBEM Game
Have you ever played in a game that was ruined when somebody just dropped out? Ian suggests a few steps we can all take, as individuals and within the hobby as a whole, to keep this regrettable phenomenon to a minimum.
James Leadley: Applying the Way of the Owl: The Back Alley Brawl
In the first Owls column not written by Thorin, James compares Archdukehood with street fighting after a night at your local pub…
Kendra Malm: The Accidental Stabber
Kendra tells us about her very first tournament. That army just slipped, honest!
Conrad Woodring: HuskyCon V Report
The full report on happenings at the Woodring family's (increasingly popular) HuskyCon convention this year.
The Editor: Just Passing Through
There's a new issue of Diplomacy World out; and of course, the results from WDC 2007! Read the Tournament Director's report.
Greg Duenow: The National Diplomacy Scholarship
What better way to promote our favorite game than to create a scholarship for eager young students who play it? Greg proposes a few talking points on how one could be set up, and invites us all to participate in the discussion.
Edi Birsan: Whittling the Draw Size and the Win-Only School
As a companion piece for our new Frontline column below, Edi tells of his own experiences with the Draw-Whittling vs Win-Only debate.
Eric Hunter and David Cohen: Frontline: Draw-Whittling New Feature
In this first installment of our new column, Eric and David present two opposing philosophies on the phenomenon of draw-whittling. Is it good play, or does the number of players in a draw not matter?
B.M. Powell: 1900: Turkey
At long last, the final chapter in Baron's discussion of the 1900 variant! Last but not least, he explains how he managed to transform Turkey into something very different without throwing off play balance.
Dorian Love: The Art of Coarse Diplomacy
Dorian gives us a few ideas of how not to play the game.
Dave Simpson: Incoming Again! Reflections of a New Diplomacy Newbie
We have a new newbie! Dave recently leapt headlong into the exciting world of online Diplomacy, and discovered all sorts of helpful resources for a new player of the game — the Pouch not least among them! But is that enough?
Douglas Kent: Negotiating in Diplomacy: Trying to be a Real SOB
The Editor of Diplomacy World very kindly shares a little advice with us on unkind negotiating strategies!
Stephen Agar: New Improved Diplomacy
With the kind permission of the author and the current Editor of Diplomacy World, we're reprinting this discussion of possible improvements to the standard map.
Charles Roburn: Variant Overview: 1900
Using Stephen Agar's article on "Improved Diplomacy" as a starting point, Baron Powell set out to create a variant that was more historically accurate and even more playable than the original! Did he succeed?

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

More and more letters from our eager readers!

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