About The Diplomatic Pouch

Manus Hand, Publisher

Welcome Back to The Pouch!

Well, here we are again. You will find (maybe you already have) that this second issue is quite a bit different from the first. This was forecast and expected, and I discuss this in full in the Pouch Deposits column in this issue. New readers especially, check out the always-up-to-date About The Pouch page for all the administrivia you could ever hope to read.

Reading The Pouch

One of the questions most frequently asked about the first issue of The Pouch concerned which different methods can be employed to read the magazine. After going around and around, I've decided the best and only thing I can do is to declare once and for all that The Diplomatic Pouch is a magazine for the Web and only the Web. Additionally, it is written for the Netscape browser; this magazine contains Netscape-specific tags and is best viewed with Netscape. If you don't have the Netscape Navigator, you can download it for free from this site here: http://www.netscape.com.

I am aware that this leaves a lot of people out in the cold. These people have rightfully clamored for a Postscript version which can be emailed to them and printed out by them, or for a paper copy of the magazine. My own time is such that I was unable to comply with this request, but I welcomed volunteers. I got two, and both of them separately had to back out (I can't blame them) when they found that a printed copy of the first issue of DP ran to 200 pages. I am still willing to entertain volunteers to print DP articles to Postscript files from out of Netscape and bring our paper brethren into the readership. Are you the one?

Name Dropping

Simon Szykman deserves special mention here for his many forays above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to his prolific and welcome contributions to the magazine, Simon has been my dependable proof-reader, broken-link catcher, 'zine publicizer, and all around good fellow [editor's note: "good guy" was changed to "good fellow" in deference to U.K. readership]. In fact, it looks like I can continue to count on him for all of this. He's kind of my co-publisher. (Yes, this clinches it: he's beyond hope.)

Welcome back!

Manus Hand
Your Publisher