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The Zine

Winter 2006 Adjustment Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The assistant interim editor (the who?) says a few words about this issue, and the future.
The Editor: Just Passing Through
Quick as a knife in the back, here are some brief items of interest.
Edi Birsan: Milan Top Board: the Final Move
Our former EDItor poses a puzzle based on the final game at the Milan 2006 tournament.
Buz Eddy: This Week in North American Diplomacy: 2006 Summary
Buz Eddy provides us with a quick summary of events in 2006.
The Editor: Hobby Help Wanted
Is Vancouver a supply center? The WDC 2007 organizers need you to encourage people to come find out!
Edi Birsan: Diplomacy Mapquest
A quick quiz on map oddities that have appeared in various editions of our favorite game.
David Norman: AI and DAIDE: A Response on Diplomacy AIs
David addresses some of the points our EDItor mentioned in a previous article.
Edi Birsan: German Northern Suicide Opening
How quickly can a Kaiser scuttle his own chances? Our EDItor's view of a recent game.
David Hood: Triples and the Russo-Austro-German Alliance
A classic article on the RAG triple alliance, and observations on triples in general.

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Short but sweet! Well, short, anyway.

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